Travel kit for Barcelona

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Re: Travel kit for Barcelona

It's on the highest hill very close to the town, with a huge amusement park at its basement. It can be seen from everywhere, particularly from the airport.

Will soon upload some pics showing it...

CharlesTokyo wrote:

davidjlee wrote:

I was in Barcelona for a week last August with a G3. I generally either mounted the 7-14mm lens or the 20mm lens and kept the other in my backpack for swapping through the day. I went to many of the tourist locations and rarely felt nervous about changing lenses. It could be I was just lucky, and I did have my family around me almost all the time. But I agree with advice I've heard on various dpreview forums that you'll regret missing a good shot more than regret having a lens stolen, especially if you have insurance. Enjoy your trip!

Be sure to visit the Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor in Barcelona!

Where is this Temple? It looks like a great place to visit.

I can understand not wanting to leave your best lenses at home and regret it, but I don't want to bring 6 or 7 lenses either. Kind of defeats the purpose of using m43s to start with. With the high ISO and IBIS of the E-M5 I don't think the 12mm is needed as much compared to if I was still using the GF1. Leaving another lens or two should give me all I need without too many regrets, or so I hope. Thanks for your input.

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