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Re: Because they are better.

Jen Yates wrote:

Beware! Trolls!!

I love it when trolls dig out eight year old macworld articles to back up their argument.

It's almost as good as saying that just because everyone on the planet can't judge the difference in quality as part of a blind test there is never ever any reason to strive for something better.

Way to go - aim for the lowest common denominator possible that way everything can be as dreadful as everything else.

I know there are not a lot of firewire products, there are none on Bestbuys shelves when I shop, there are very few online and are for very speciific fields, not mainstream at all.

As a musician, I have a firewire device for mulitple in out for audio using adat and it is firewire 400, nothing available for 800, but this is not main stream, USB2 is main stream and there are hundreds out there while there are a few for 400.

In card readers I found 5 Firewire 800 and the lower priced ones only did CF cards. USB 3 has not been around very long but there are a lot of units with the lowese price of 13 dollars supporting several card types.

Ok, so I pulled up an old article, it still does not negate my point. Firewire 400 is limited compared to usb and 800 is even more limited compared to USB3. Sof of the 800 card readers need an extra cable to work with 400.

Even Rob Galbraith said.

"Monday, January 30, 2012 | by Rob Galbraith

Over the last year or so, the supply of FireWire-equipped memory card readers has almost completely dried up, despite the fact that, for many photographers who use Macs, FireWire is their computer's only peripheral port that's fast enough to allow for efficient offloading of pictures from a stack of CompactFlash cards.

This reader type became an endangered species when Oxford Semiconductor (now called PLX Technology), maker of a key controller component found in all past FireWire 800 readers, discontinued the part. This signaled the end of the line for all FireWire 800 readers on the market at the time, including the Delkin Reader-39, Hoodman RAW UDMA FireWire 800, Lexar Professional UDMA FireWire 800, SanDisk Extreme FireWire and Synchrotech CFFire800 Pro.

While manufacturing of this generation of FireWire 800 reader has ceased, the demand continues. Case in point: a new unit of the SanDisk Extreme FireWire reader goes for over US$200 online, as some retailers take advantage of the supply drought. And that's assuming you can find an Amazon or eBay store that has stock to sell."

I have no dog in this fight, I have a PC and so many choices for so low cost I am always just ecstatic. But when mac users look down on the pc because I paid half the price for the same performance because I don't have 800 or thunderbolt and I say the peripherals available are limited and more expensive, they will debate until the sun drop out of the sky because they know it is true. If you want to believe Mac is the best you can but the less than 10 percent market share says otherwise and that is because mac is over priced, it has ports that are not mainstream that do not have the number of peripherals usb3 has. But stating fact is not trolling, even quoting an old article is not trolling, people don't want to accept facts that they over paid for a computer that has so few peripherals for it compared to a PC that has similar performance for half the price. Believe what you want.

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