Which lenses for 5D3 starting from nothing? (and thank you!)

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depth of field

It's true that Micro 4/3 gives you more depth of field at the same aperture.

But you can stop down FF more without getting bad diffraction effects.

Indeed f8 on m43 has about the same depth of field at an equivalent adjusted focal length as f16 on FF (some simplification here)

f8 is also the point at which m43 really shouldn't be stopped down further because of diffraction. And that point is f16 on FF

So really the potential for useful depth of field is the same!

Of course m43 will give you that DOF at a larger aperture so you can get a better shutter speed. But then FF has better high ISO can you can afford to stop down.

So in the end the quality and DOF is about the same or better in FF for large DOF photography; and of course FF allows narrow DOF photography that you just can't do on m43 -- if you get the nice Olympus 50mm 1.8 you are still getting the DOF and angle of view of an 85mm f3.5 on FF -- so nowhere near an 85 1.8 1.4 or 1.2, for example...

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