X100 & X1Pro Focusing Question

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Re: X100 & X1Pro Focusing Question


When I tried the XP1 in the shop is was happy to find that the talk about VERY slow AF was unfounded. Using the center focus point (which I always do when shooting f1.4), it was proper quick. Not the fastest. But quick enough.

In really low light it will struggle. Darker still, and with nearby subjects, the AF help light is very usefull.

Yes you can shoot action with this camera. With pre focus, the shutter delay is very short. But if you want to shoot action coming towards you or going away from you it will struggle, especially if shooting wide open with the shallow DOF. That said, most cameras struggle. My Canon 7D can do that and if I ever shoot action, I will take that one.

Yes, you could get one shot, often you can by focusing on a nearby reference and at least get one shot when the subject passes that point. And in fact, for not too fast moving subject, the continuous focus works fine too.

The XP1 is not a does it all photo apparatus. But I love using mine for... photography and is fast enough for candid portraits in reasonable light. It inspires me to take it out, when the DSLR would stay at home and me with it

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