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Re: Spoke with another Dealer

u007 wrote:

As for effects of internet pornography... oh please. For thousands of years it was perfectly ok to beat and rape women. You could literally own them, and have multiple wives. That even still goes on in some parts of the world today.

All sanctioned by deities I might add and codified in the scriptures of most major religions.... treated as literal truth by many to this very day... Isn't it ironic that the very people who most loudly proclaim the need to protect the dignity of women by eliminating all forms of overt sexual imagery and behavior are often the very ones who deny them the right to have their own opinion, in the name of what JC or some other dude allegedly said.

Watching some CONSENTING ADULT girl getting paid to bang a guy really isn't a problem in comparison.

Particularly when you consider that men get paid 50% less and do most of the work

Men need to be men and it's in our instinct to want to look at hot, naked women. And looking at photos and video is a lot better than carrying those urges out into the world.

Here we disagree, but I am afraid that if I elaborate there will be a whole different religious war going on.

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