The best camera ever.

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Re: The best camera ever.

We shoot with the limitations of our cameras. Digital cameras have lower dynamic range than film and the supposedly ideal picture would have nice skies and optimum exposure for the faces.. and this would not be achievable with these types of candid/journalistic shots. The only way to get a good image with all elements in check would've been to use additional lighting to balance the bright skies or shoot HDR.. both of which are not feasible here. The OP is not a professional nor is he shooting a product shot for a client. He's just enjoying his camera. All these negative comments are unwarranted and shows nothing but contempt for others. For his own purpose, the OP's intention was simply to capture the emotions and expressions on the faces of the children and his preference for that exposure is his own. Who is to say what is right and wrong? Photography like any art is a subjective matter. Those that think they know what is right or wrong is often those that are furthest from the truth.

To OP..

As long as what is suppose to be white is white and what is black isnt clipped, your expression of your image is yours alone. Just shoot as you like because at the end of the day, you are the one that enjoys your pictures. These people wont be the ones hanging it up on their walls or printing them for their books. If you like it, as Nike says, 'Just do it!'

Update: Oops. Seems like OP is shooting professionally. Hehe. Either way.. shoot as you please

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