5D Mark III vs. D800 Shootout Part 2

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Re: Regarding JPEG white balance...OK but

The test was to emulate what a typical PJ would go through. As they said on the video most of the time they shoot jpeg because there is no need for raw and no time to do so. The idea is to get good images on the fly otherwise they would just shoot raw and do some editing on their PC or Mac

They had mixed lighting so even if you adjusted the WB in manual mode the pictures would be inconsistent due to the changing lighting conditions. The 5D MIII adapted to those changes faster, that was the point.

Jordon whom was a Nikon guy set up the camera for him and for the 5D MIII he did not touch or adjust the settings.

The camerastore does a pretty good job with their reviews, I trust they account for many things and give an unbiased opinion.

On the first test the D800 did win in detail and resolution. Test #2 the 5D MIII. For most people test #1 matters the most. Not many people shoot in jpeg unless they are PJ. Most people knew the 5D MIII was going to be a better PJ camera

Daniel Clune wrote:

OK but iam sure Mike doesn't shoot his jpg at default settings with the old beat up 5D2 he showed. Plus there are 2 auto white balance settings for Nikon. Mike not being a Nikon guy wouldn't know that but the other guy was a Nikon user and he should have known about the two auto white balance settings. Nothing wrong with using auto white balance for the comparison, just should have used both auto white balances for the Nikon. Maybe shot half with each.

Optimizing the in camera jpg settings could have been done ahead of time before any video was being shot. so no additional time would have been spent on it other than mentioning the settings. Maybe another 30 seconds. Shooting at default jpg settings just isn't realistic of what any one would do. Pro or amateur. Maybe a complete beginner using a rebel might never touch his jpg settings.

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