Anyone found a suitable wrist strap for the E-M5 yet?

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The best Olympus grip strap.

The E-1 design team put an extra eye into the HLD-2 battery grip for the Olympus strap shown here. Seems like the EM-5 team completely overlooked how well it worked.

The EM-5 appears to have a design flaw after all... as much as it intrigues me to buy one anyway. The grip strap (not a "camera strap") makes a great contribution to the handling of the camera and by the time you add the EM-5 extras, it will feel like anything else that could use a grip strap.

Apart from the added stability in the grasp, for me it's a more comfortable means of carrying the camera rather than a pendulum swing, neck rub or slide off a shoulder a neck strap offers. I walk for miles all over the city with the E-1 hanging from my hand. It's an effortless task. I don't have to tighten my very relaxed grip to keep it from falling as long as the strap is snug around my hand. The camera simply hangs. So little effort is used to carry the camera and it always has a critically faster handling speed to get the unexpected shot just around the next corner because it's already in my hand! Neck straps can too easily obstruct the viewfinder and cost a good shot. So often, they get in the way. They also use more space in a bag or case. They can be quite a nuisance. I'll only use one when I must have both hand free.

Well, I suppose Olympus must have copied Nikon designs and completely overlooked the advantage. Annoying... to say the least. I hope the new venture does really well and that other accessories companies see an opportunity to supply what Olympus seems to have considered insignificant on an EM-5.

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