Have I made a mistake ordering my first iMac?

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Re: Have I made a mistake ordering my first iMac?

I agree with most of the comments, even though they are conflicting! But that's the nature of buying computers, and especially Macs.

There will be new iMacs, probably announced June and shipping June/July.

They almost certainly will have Ivy Bridge CPUs which is an enabler for other things, like USB3 and different graphics options, but we don't know what the actual spec will be.

Sometimes IMacs take a step back in some people's eyes, like when the dropped the Matte display option. So without knowing the actual spec it's hard to Judge, but the fact you haves nigglel is real for you, so I would say cancel your order. When the new iMacs come out, you can check the specs and either go for the new model, or go for an old model from the refurb store with eyes open and saving a few bucks. The fact you did it eyes open and saving money would counter your niggles.

The cost is of course you have to wait and keep watching for the announcement, which as us Aperture 3 users will tell you, is like water torture.

Good luck with your decision.


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