Sold my E-510 ... and 2 kit lenses and FL36 and..

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The flash metering issue is something you just need to deal with by adjusting the flash compensation (I assume the Metz has a compensation similar to the FL-50).

When shooting in low light event situations, flash metering is greatly challenged by the reflectance of clothing and fabric in the frame. I deal with it all the time at corporate events. You shoot one person or group dressed in dark suits and the flash overexposes, then you shoot another group where one or two people have white shirts and the flash shuts down and underexposes. It's a royal pain.

I try to be conscious of these issues before I do a shot and adjust the flash compensation up or down as needed to offset the problem. Your shooting at EV-0.3 was a smart move since over exposure is generally much more problematic.

If someone ever builds a flash that meters strictly on skin tones (like cameras have face detect) I would buy one in a heartbeat regardless of price

Also, if you're not using them, I highly recommend using Sanyo Eneloop batteries in your flash -- there's no better rechargeable in my opinion.

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