Sold my E-510 ... and 2 kit lenses and FL36 and..

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First 5 hours with E-30 and 48AF-1


Evenig went nicely.. E-30 and 48AF-1 worked well, on averagely they seem to be a lot more responsive than my older E.510 + FL-36. Especially the flash-recycle time is so much faster. And the E.30 af seems to work much more sensitive to low light that E.510:s ..

In the end I took around 650 photos during 5 hours at quite dark event.. Didin't have much time to realx during the evening. Busy busy busy.. Both camera and flash managed the whole evening with just one set of batteries (used AA Nimhs and E-30:s original BLM)

Some notices though. These may well be due me not knowing this camera/flash as well as I should, so not much of a complain.

  • Oh, how happy I am about the Jpeg quality of Olympuses ... E-30 jpegs save me a lot of post processing and tinkering with raws

  • E-30's AF seems to give some false positives, so that even though the af is locked, the image aint' sharp. This is not much, just couple photos

  • Some uncetainty on flash controll. Nothing serious.. couple near-white pics and about 1% (6-7) overly dark ones.. Dark ones quite salvageable. I did use ev--0.3 as a safeguard, since the clother tend to be bear black anyhow.

Unfortunately no pics (at least yet).. I'll need to do some checking on some of those (and read the rules of this site) first.

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