Problem with D7000 focus in video

Started Feb 9, 2011 | Discussions thread
RobS555 Forum Member • Posts: 69
Re: Problem with D7000 focus in video

Do you mean it will continually hunt for focus or it won't even try? Those are definitely two different problems-- the latter most likely with something in your settings.

It's true that most people don't use auto-focus for video on the D7000; it's not well designed for that. If you do, you want to use a high f-stop and a single point. The camera's focus is so precise that any change in distance results in the camera re-focusing-- and it'll often de-focus first, just the same as taking a still photo.

The best technique I've found for shooting the odd clip on the fly is to focus in the viewfinder, lock (or switch to manual on the body or lens), and then pop it into live view for video. I'll use f8 or above. A more sophisticated method is to buy a loupe and use it in live view and focus manually. The most important consideration for both is to take your time-- it's not point and shoot work.

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