What's with all this D400 FF talk?

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Re: Perception correct? or no?

I have held and felt quite nice with a D7000 sometime back. I have yet to buy a few lenses aside form the 18-200 kit on my D5000, but when I do, I plan to upgrade to the D300 replacement (though I am being sorely tempted by the used D300 I see various places).

My reasons thuis:

  • although the D5000 is a wonderful little camera, the sensor is quite amazing, the additioanl 'quality' i.e. seeming low noise and dynamic range (though the D5000 is fairly good there) the acknowledged better sensor of the D7000 and this generation is a no brainer, and the next gen is proabably even better, akin to a better grade film.

  • the autofocus of the D300 series is renowmed and I do shoot some sports, find the D5000 a bit short in the recovery mode and fps, though better than the old amateur film cameras, obviously. Thus, the D300 series would suit me.

  • the ergonomics like bigger viewfinder etc...wonderful

  • stronger body, though the little D5000 has surprised me here too.

  • I perceive a better build quality of the pro grade build, hence likely less send back s etc, which I cannot really do conveniently and cheaply where I live, hence better to spend an extra few hundred up front for better build and quality control, to save time and money later.

  • body motor, though D7000 has, it is my understanding that the D300 series motor is more efficient and powerful.

Those are my perceptions, correct, incorrect?


.....Just from an amateur......'Sometimes it's to your advantage for people to think you're crazy.”

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