Anyone in DC today?

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Re: Anyone in DC today?

Dazboot wrote:

Nice photos to the lucky ones who were able to see it with their own eyes.

Is that back cover of the shuttle to protect the engine parts from falling out or has the engine been removed for this flight?

My understanding is that the engines have been removed for museum display purposes, though I assume the cover over the back of the shuttle may still be covering "something" and won't be how it's displayed. It would be better for display purposes to have engine "mock-ups," which I think is how the Enterprise has been displayed. Discovery is replacing the Enterprise at the Udvar Hazy museum - part of the National Air and Space museum but located at Dulles Airport, while the Enterprise is relocated to the Intrepid museum in New York. That will be an occasion for fly-bys of the Enterprise on the 747 later this week, for anyone in NY. I understand that the Enterprise will then float up the Hudson on a barge to the Intrepid.

For those who may not know, the Enterprise was the first shuttle, though it never flew in space. It was used for aerodynamic tests when released from the back of a 747 early in the shuttle program. And, yes, if the name sounds familiar it actually was named after what is likely the most famous fictional spacecraft in human history.

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