Anyone in DC today?

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Re: I was there, will post tomorrow

stan_pustylnik wrote:

moimoi, I put my A850 for work this morning. I was at Iwo-Jima Memorial, got some shots taken. I felt funny surrounded by sharks from Washington Post and other news agencies. My Sony was lonely there, Nikons overpowered Canon shooters 4 to 1.

I would have been at Iwo Jima, or the Carillon, but I thought the view from there was too limited (not knowing the direction from which the shuttle would come or where it would be going, so I went to a parking lot behind the buildings opposite Iwo Jima, across Rt. 50, which provided a basically unobstructed view of the mall and river. On the first flyover the shuttle literally came right over the building, a direction from which I did not expect it to come (and it came early), meaning while I happened to be facing that direction and saw it coming over, I could only utter an expletive ("holy sh--"), and then scramble for my camera mounted on a tripod to get some shots as it flew away. Thankfully, there were two more fly-overs, though from different directions, which gave me more opportunity to prepare and get some shots.

From Iwo Jima, if you were in the right location and ready, you might have been able to get shots of the memorial with the 747/shuttle as it flew over, though it was hard to tell if the angle would work from where I was.

Nonetheless, it was spectacular to see, but depressing to also realize that the shuttle program was abandoned with no successor in place, and that we now rely on Russian spacecraft to take astronauts and cargo to the space station.

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