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Re: Because they are better.

Richard wrote:

But as for Firewire 800, not very usefull


That article isn't even close to being correct.

He claims FireWire has compatibility issues, hogs energy and what is the most ridiculous claim, that FireWire requires a minimum of 45 watts. All wrong. Very wrong.

The reality is that there aren't any compatibility issues, it does not hog energy and the 45 watts is a maximum and far more than USB can provide. I can easily run two bus-powered drives off one FireWire port, whereas USB can barely run one.

Because there are so few devices, to make it usefull you have to convert it to a 400..

That article is eight years old .

There are lots of FireWire 400 & 800 devices, and from what I'm hearing about the NAB show going on right now, there are a lot of Thunderbolt devices in various vendor's booths.

If you do double blind tests of displays, where they are not side by side (which no owner of one of the other would experience anyway) most of the population will see little difference, and they are not blind.

Have you done such a test? Can you cite someone who has? Didn't think so.

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