X-Pro1, camera with no market. No sports, low light, not small

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Re: X-Pro1, camera with no market. No sports, low light, not small

photo perzon wrote:

The X-Pro 1 is a great camera with no market.

Would you write such nonsense under your own name?

Worthless in dark rooms, won't AF, will hunt

Not necessarily, with a fast lens.

Worthless for sports and fast moving subjests

Not all interesting subjects move fast.

Not small, not a great travel camera, and no zooms or reach lens

It's smaller than a pro quality APS-C DSLR.

It's a new system for which there will be more lenses in the next three years.

Besides, good zooms are big. A mirrorless camera's value for the high end user is that the camera, when coupled with prime lenses of short to intermediate focal lengths, is small, yet quality is very high. Especially for wide angle, lenses can be much smaller (and lower cost) than DSLR lenses of similar aperture and focal length.

Good for dermatologists but so is a DSLR

No comment. How is this a negative?

Same frontal area as a Nikon D5100, but you lose the fast AF, lenses, dark room AF

You gain AF at many points throughout the image whereas with DSLRs, the useable autofocus points are concentrated in the center of the image, and inferior AF function is obtained with peripheral points. Not so with X-Pro1, where all areas of the image are equal from the point of view of autofocus functionality.

This is a key point and makes the X-Pro1 of great value for moderate wide angle / normal lens people photography.

Seems to me it is an enthusiast camera. That Amazon Prime won't sell out is a warning the first day.

Yes, a great camera for people who are enthusiastic about (especially) people photography.

IQ same as DSLRs at half the price.

Really? How do you get an 18mm f/2 for DSLRs?

The X-Pro1 has many advantages; 1) smaller than equivalent quality DSLR, 2) great fast 18mm f/2 wide angle, 3) AF points across the frame, no AF fine tuning needed, 4) it's all black unlike e.g. Olympus whose best lenses are only available in silver (making the camera multi-colored and thus very conspicuous), 5) it has the benefits of both EVF and OVF in one, 6) it has a user interface which is great for a knowledgeable photographer (unlike almost all other MILCs which have point and shoot camera user interfaces and make it difficult to operate the camera in a normal way).

The X-Pro1 is a camera that many serious amateurs and professional photographers will buy. Sure, because of the price the numbers will be smaller than the plastic point and shoot upgrade models, but so is the case with all serious cameras. Those who need them will buy them and make great images with them.

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