Advice on 80-200 f2.8 lenses

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I have the one-ring. After years of using it on film, before ever hearing of VR or the 'need' for a tripod collar, I got a DX camera. Using the lens on DX, with 1.5x crop factor, made me start thinking about a tripod collar for it. Since I had recently bought a nice Gitzo and RRS ballhead, I decided to mount all my lenses if I could to take advantage of the nice tripod.

So I bought the only tripod collar I've ever heard of for the push-pull, from Kirk.

First off, I noticed that the collar gets locked in one position - either portrait or landscape. To change between them, you have to unscrew the allen bolt partway, rotate the collar (or lens) and retighten. Not very portable or fast in the field.

Second, after enjoying the lens handheld for years, I found that the Kirk collar ruined the nice feel of the lens in your hand.

Next, I didn't find the lens particularly needing to be used on a tripod. Plus I've decided I really only want to use it on FX anyway (D700 now).

So I removed the collar and have left it off. I don't miss it at all. This lens is (to me) for shooting people in event-type situations, on film or FX. It works very well handheld, and even if I had a nice rotating collar, I'd rarely use it on a tripod.

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