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Re: Huy

Yes, a lawn-mower, Dobsonian reflector telescope. I wonder what could be done with a lawn "tractor?" That may be large enough to drag around and even bigger telescope!

I actually own a pair of telescopic binoculars that I mount on a tripod. Nice 100mm objectives and easy enough to focus on some celestial objects.

BTW I am one hour from the San Bernardino Mtns. and an hour from Palm Springs and 1 1/4 hours from the high desert....all of which can be pitch dark with a clear sky.


huyzer wrote:

Bobtheamateur wrote:

Nothing would please me more than to have some sort of setup that allows me to view the heavens. As you may guess I have a "within 1 hour" access to the mountains or desert and $25/yr buys me a membership in the local Astronomy Club that owns its own viewing area in the high desert. But it still takes a bit of effort. I am looking to lighten the load when I shoot images so when a Telescope manufacturer comes out with carbon fiber components I will be first to take a look (but that would cost a bundle).

Yes, carbon fiber anything sounds expensive in comparison to other equivalents. And nope, I didn't know you were "within 1 hour" access to mountains or deserts. That's cool when you have those options though. Awesome. My late friend told me about membership to an observatory up in L.A. when I used to chat with him. I miss him.

Did you get my other post/reply about the lawn mower mounted telescope?

Take care,

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