I was yelled at for not using "L" glass.

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Re: I was yelled at for not using "L" glass.

nullvector wrote:

So I'm at this car show this weekend with my Canon 7D, and 17-55 2.8 IS....and while innocently taking pictures of some cars, I hear some buffoon yell really loud "GET A BETTER LENS!".

from my point of view, you had 2 choices: 1. The guy was smaller - "Get a beter face M.F. !" and 2. the guy was was bigger - with a peace of at least 100 sylabus / sec , you declared that were so happen he opend the discussion, because... anything... and start talking about MTF graphs, focus breathing, microadjustment and lensrental.com statistics regarding the rate of failure for his lens. Maybe requesting his card for email him a lot of relevant data that could help him in his activity, and so on...

common sense with this kind of people is diamonds for pigs.

Fortunately, my own 17-55 did not received any bad comments.

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