Why No NEX 5n Hot Shoe Adapter ?

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Re: Maybe it is not practical!

gfrensen wrote:

When mounting a large heavy flaswh on a flashshoe that is attached to the Connector on top of the Nex camerea what will happen (lets forget the protocal, the wiring etc, that part is solved and the flash will work)?

The big and heavy flash will be a big lever so it will move a little in the socket, never designed for such a heavy flash. It might slowly push the contacts of socket inside your camera from eachother. and so when you try to mount a microphone or a viewfinder, you might find it not working anymore, or working with random errors.

And then who is going to pay for the damage? Sony? The hot sho guy or you the owner? I think it is not wise to put a big flash ontop of the Nex3/5 series. You can tell us here you ony want to mount a small remote trigger ontop of the hotshoe, but others WILL mount the big flash and be angry when there camera is malfunctioning.

Then there is the financial part. How many people realy want to buy this for their Nex camera. Remember the camera is mainly sold to P&S upgraders and so on, they will never pay for an external flash... Then there are the people using their old lenses on the Nex, Many of them are never using flash according to many post here. Then there is the small groep of studeo owners using the Nex, they will be happy with this, but is that group large enough for the investment of making such an adapter.

I wait and see what will come, b ut I won't stop eating until the hotshoe arrives....

I thought of something and made this quick little mockup in PS.

until I realized it wouldn't work.

But since I spent the time to make it, I'll share it anyway.

I was looking at the NEX accessory port though, and the little screw area appears to be part of the body frame, and very sturdy. If they made the hotshoe adapter out of metal (not plastic) and secured it to the frame with the thumbscrew mount hole, the accessory connector wouldn't bare any of the weight.

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