Discordant reviews of G1X

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Fanboys and Mistimed Threads

This is a silly thread, and it is appearing at the wrong point in the product cycle.

So a MFT fanboy writes a blog post where he takes the long end of the G1 X zoom range and says it is slow compared to a prime on a MFT.

Well, duh, so what?

This has already been discussed over, and over, and over again. The G1 X is faster than the equivalent MFT zooms, which usually start around f/3.5. He ignores this, and goes completely apples and oranges, and discusses pros and cons of interchangeable lenses, which isn't really camera specific at all.

The specific lens facts are that the G1 X lens is both faster and smaller with a wider range than any equivalent MFT zoom lens, but this is an inconvenient fact for fanboys, so like Tuck, they change the subject and invert reality.

An interchangeable lens can always be found that will be better in some situation than a permanently attached lens, kind of like the sun rises in the east. Duh.

That is a personal photography preference, not a camera review feature.

This thread is also mistimed. The peak in the traditional troll / fanboy / theorizing cycle should steadily build from announcement until the camera is released to consumers, and then it should die back. People have had them for what, 6 or 7 weeks now?

It is a real camera, in use by real people, and the floor belongs to them to trade informed, real world knowledge.

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