D800 as a vacation cam?

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Re: Tourist label...

Clark Hampton wrote:

Not sure why having a D800 would cause someone to be labeled a "tourist" It's the all weather jackets and point & shoots that bring that label.

I spent a few weeks in Paris and most of the people I ran into with pro cameras were locals.

I shoot around my hometown all the time with pro cameras.

You certainly don't need a full sized SLR too look like a tourist, but it does help!

I've used all kinds of SLRs in all kinds of enviroments, near to home and traveling all over, Canada to New Zealand. Large SLRs just attract attention. If I'm a tourist it brings more attention to me as a tourist. If I'm near home it attracts attention that I'm somewhat serious about taking pictures. Much of that attention is plesant and has led to great meetings and conversation. But sometimes, especially in poorer areas, or rural secluded spots where the locals like privacy/don't like tourists it's been less than ideal.

It's totally worth it to look like a photo geek/tourist if the images your taking are worth it. But just snaps of the family at the pool? M43 is more than enough.

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