CCD and CMOS Sensor Output

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Re: Slightly confused...

If you're all so interested in getting 'film like images' - cough - why not shoot some film?

I say that speaking as someone who today sent off four fillums for processing... 2 x SFX 200 using various degrees of red filtering (Oly OM2); 1 x Velvia 50 (Nik F100) and 1 x Provia 100F (Oly OM2n). It makes a very pleasant/fun change from the digi stuff, and (on topic) I have both CCD and CMOS to play with.

Ah yes - to mollify the very early poster who wanted this thread kept Pentaxian, the next two rolls going through are going to be FP4, one definitely through my battered but nicely renovated ESII, but I haven't decided yet which Spotmatic I'm going to use for the other. Spotmatic SP - or Spotmatic F. One or the other - it will mainly be decided by which of the meters seems most trustworthy.

I dunno - photography just keeps on throwing up these 'which is better than the other' dilemmas. Silver oxide.. alkaline.. even mercury, for heavens sake! And did you know that the spottie F's meter is ALWAYS turned on, and if you forget to put the lens cap on, the battery will be dead next time you pick it up?

Keeps us on our toes, though!

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