OM-D E-M5 Field Test

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Re: OM-D E-M5 Field Test

Sorry for asking, but I'm rather new to this nomenclature... especially the english one.. The last time i shot with a slr it was analog

What do you mean with works well? What do you mean with auto ISO? What does the iAUTO Mode ect. Where can I read this?

One thing I liked about the nex 7 are the three dials... One set to aperture, one set to ISO and the last to shutter time!? You set your shutter time and play with ISO and aperture until you love your result?

Or at night --> you set your shutter time (maximum before blur, set your aperture as open as possible (or as acceptable) and lighten up your photo with ISO?

Or one to aperture one to ISO and one exposure compensation?

Maybe I'm getting much wrong, but with the number of dials the e-m5 has I thought it would be possible to use them "free".

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