I was yelled at for not using "L" glass.

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Re: I was yelled at for not using "L" glass. Rude reply:

My rude reply would have been, "Are you shooting RAW?"*

The guy is a capital-J Jerk! You and only you are the judge of whether your photos "look right" to you. He didn't think to ask "what's your output size?" or other pertinent questions.

JPG is the best choice for fast output, eg, news photography. True pixel peepers better use RAW and have a strong background in an industrial strength PP program(s) such as Lightroom or Photoshop, before they have the chuztpah to bother other people about lens choice.

My walk-about lens is a Canon 15-85 non L lens, and I love it. Fine images, as long as you don't need extreme speed or bokeh.

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