Client Viewing Sessions - How Do You Do It? Hardware

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Re: Client Viewing Sessions - How Do You Do It? Hardware

laptop as they'll work with different output screens (resolution) than the main screenwith NO hassles or questions. A $300 one is all you need.

projector - vga or svga. you don't need a big fancy one. projectors can go BIGGER than any TV can make the viewing special (theatre) vs a high def TV that canonly do verticals 20" tall at best. Plus you DO NOT want super detail in the pics- folks only need to pick expression - if they see every pore and pimple it will actually hurt sales. Brighter is better on lumens. Avoid attachign via USB.

screen - NOT a portable one. Expensiv,e they'll wrinkle over time and remind folks of boring movies in school.

Paint the wall (behr 'silver screen' eggshell latex, one qt). You can get fancier but this works just fine. You can put a frame around it or not (i like a frame but others don't). In theory a black frame will make the image appear to have more contrast.

adj color on the projector to get it close enough. Cheap laptops can't calibarte for 2 separate screen anyway so don't bother trying - it will only screw up the screen on the laptop

get pro select, the cheaper version, and learn to use it. Well worth the $250-300 and the first month is a free trial so you can use it to sell and it will pay for itself before you need to well, pay for it.
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