MKIII Grip and size

Started Apr 15, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: MKIII Grip and size

ianbrown wrote:

am I correct in saying that the MKIII is heavier, and the grip is chunkier?

When I held one I felt and increase in weight and also the grip seemed bigger?

Any comments?


On paper the 5D3 is slightly heavier, I played with my friend's new toy Sunday side by side with my 5D2, I didn't really feel that much different, the size also feel very similar. Both feel small and light to me coming from 1Ds2, 1D2 and D3, I have to add vertical grip to my 5D2 in order to make it a little more comfortable to use, but my friend didn't receive his vertical grip yet for his 5D3 so didn't have the chance to compare how different the two feel with the vertical grip.

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