I was yelled at for not using "L" glass.

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Re: Sadly, I know the type...

AJohn wrote:

...they are present in every activity in which I partake. It really shows how inferior they are deep inside. They have to drag others down to make themselves look big.

Happily, I only encounter the other end of the spectrum. I have the 17-55, but I mostly shoot with the 70-200 f/4. I usually get people raving about my lens and how special it must be. Then they show their camera and say how all they have is a little P&S.

I just tell them that the lens isn't that special, is very affordable, that they have a nice camera and that I too, have a P&S in my bag (truth, old Oly C750) and love to shoot pictures with it all the time.

I have only recently started in photography after giving up golf after 35 years, & it was just as bad with golfers & their gear. It was always a joy to see a good buddy of mine play one of these snooty gear freaks, & their £1500 set of Callaways, Taylor Made, Ping etc, him with his "bag of scrap metal", as he called his gear, & whipe the floor with them. Hillarious! Fortunatelly I aint met the camera crackpots yet, but thers still time!! lee uk

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