Let's unite for new Mac Pro!!!!

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Re: Let's unite for new Mac Pro!!!!

Peter Rongsted wrote:

graybalanced wrote:

If I had to use a mini as a main editing Mac, at least one of the internal drives would have to be an SSD. More likely, an SSD internal boot drive, and an external RAID via Thunderbolt for Mac Pro-like fast media access. Or at least one of those Mini-stackable external drive units that can take huge, fast 3.5" desktop drives. Combine 16GB RAM with an SSD and you could approach Mac Pro speeds as was demonstrated with a 16GB RAM+SSD configuration in the MacBook Pro by macperformanceguide.com. Although yes, the video card would still be weak.

bpdougd stated that you are limited to a single drive. I just wanted to point out that there is room for two drives. They are laptop drives but it is not just one drive.

What type of repair are you referring to? I'm thinking of the fact that the current iMac hard drive has special thermal sensor firmware. Unlike all other non-Air Macs, where you can order a hard drive from anywhere and install it yourself, if you try to put a stock hard drive into an iMac, you will not have the special firmware, and the iMac will not function correctly. You must take it into Apple and have them do it ($$$$) with a drive of their choosing. Unless this has changed lately.

If a repairshop can fix the problem under warranty they should also be able to fix it out of warranty.


I stand corrected on the number of drives in the Mini. However, in the case of the iMac, it will be far more expensive to replace a faulty screen than to simply buy another monitor. Likewise, unless you are willing to undertake a large and somewhat risky disassembly and reassembly project, some otherwise simple tasks (for instance, installing an SSD) will also require a trip to the shop and, in some cases, the voiding of your warranty. No thanks.

The simple fact is that Apple has nothing in its current line-up similar to the ubiquitous mini-tower/tower systems that are available in the Windows PC world. The Mac Pro is Apple's premium-priced offering. I have been willing to pay the premium for the expandability, upgradeability, and computing power it offered and the stability of the OS. Apple's recent moves away from the higher end (semi-professional and professional) content creation software and hardware are of concern to me. Depending upon the direction that Apple chooses (and it is not looking hopeful, at least to me), I may have to take my business elsewhere. Not a slam on Apple, just the simple facts and my bias toward only spending my money on what works and makes the most sense for me.
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