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Re: A suggestion

Thanks for pointing out the cyan being to high. I can see what you are talking about. Ill rework these with a warmer tone.

tom60634 wrote:

I noticed the blown out highlights on the right side of photo immediately, but in harsh sunlight this is not unusual.

I then noticed that the bow seemed to be over saturated with details disappearing in the mid tones and shadows.

The child's skin tone and hair seemed exceptionally pale and dull.

The skin had some blues tones throughout its range, the darker hair had touches of green and blue turning it to a type of gray.

I would recommend that you drop the cyan levels by quite a bit, this will allow the magenta skin tones to return. I would then increase the yellow levels till they at least were equal to the magenta levels, this should help warm up the skin tones and alleviate the burnt out highlights a bit.

Of course this a season to taste type of edit, but your cyan levels are definitely much too high.

Your pictures of a good looking family were enjoyable to view. Thanks for sharing.

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