Shot in RAW for 1st time now what do I do?

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Re: Not sure what to make of difference test to test for JPEG artifacts

Wayne Larmon wrote:

So we are in agreement on this, correct? Highest quality JPEG for prints, but is not absolutely lossless?

No, not lossless... but very good at selecting which parts to lose.

But I would like to know what test I can do that will display if there are any changes at all. As we have discussed, it is impossible to detect "1" pixels from "0" pixels visually in a difference image that is nominally black. So what test will show these small differences? .

You want to see those tiny differences that don't otherwise show, even in high quality, even in Difference Mode? OK. Flatten the image.. then go to Image> Adjust> Equalise, and just watch.

Again, I'm not a PhotoShop expert--I usually don't use blend modes at all, so I'm fuzzy on the concept

Blending modes are extraordinarily powerful, and can do a great deal of work for you... one could say the image "processes itself," as it were.

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