X-Pro1, camera with no market. No sports, low light, not small

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Re: X-Pro1, camera with no market. No sports, low light, not small

ORBSTEEKS! Fanboysteeks? Whichever! So glad to be back to read your inane blabber! Seriously, it's been too long.

chopsteeks wrote:

Another fanboy that takes criticism of this Fuji as a personal attack and refuses to acknowledge obvious shortcomings of this X-pro1.

Why won't you disprove the claims of the OP such as taking photos of fast moving subject, AF performance in dim light (lots of street photography important function).

In regards to size, I have no issues with this. This is a replica of Contax G2 body which I own 3 of them as they are very good.

Quirky manual focus if one wants to use one of those excellent Leica/Zeiss primes.

If you could do this, you might just convinced me to purchase one.


oistar wrote:
I myself know that you are riding on the same trolling horse as the OP does.
Enjoy your ride guys.

chopsteeks wrote:
I myself though OP made some great points...

bkxmnr wrote:

While the OP's tone does seem a bit 'trollish', does anyone who has used the camera know if his points are valid?

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