OMG I did it !!!!

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Re: OMG I did it !!!!

Agree, I've had almost zero frustration with AF now that I've used it a bunch. Perhaps if you shoot racing etc. I will be happy when they come out with that tele-zoom though

framus wrote:
I've had my Xpro-1 for 2 days and it is great.
It is a wonderful 'walking around' camera.

My Canon gear has always required me to get into 'I'm going out to take pictures' mode. The Xpro-1 experience is more casual and more fluid for me.

I still have my Canon lenses and camera but wonder how much use they will see.

I really like using the OVF and having to visualize what the image will look like.

A really fun camera to use. I don't think of it so much as nostalgia as the fluidity I experienced using smaller film cameras before the digital wave hit.

Finally, I think the criticism about the Xpro-1's AF and the aperture 'chatter' is overstated. Either that, or I'm just not sufficiently evolved to be particularly exercised about those things.


langmi wrote:

Congrats. I am thinking the same thing, ready to jettison my D700 and 24-70. For me it is far more practical....I have a nuero problem which weakens my right hand and limits my motor skills. I just cannot manage the heft and weight of the D700 with big glass.

The X Pro1 is the direction I am going in. I go back to all manual, match needle days, and admit the nostalgia bug is part of the game for me. I will still have my D90 and some lenses for those "dSLR" days. Admittedly I am waiting for some more test reviews, in that I am using my D90 more these days with a 35mm lens only

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