Canon 5D Mark lll shadow detail example

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Re: Without more information, I do not understand this example

.....less DR necessitates the need to open up shadows in post (if you are exposing to the center or to the right if trying to save the highlights) ....

No that's not quite right.

Less DR (at least shadow DR) means that you will find it harder to open up the shadows if you need to.

All top cameras have more DR than you can print or show on a screen. The value of extra DR is that if you exposing to the left to capture extreme highlights (e.g. if you are shooting into a sunset and want to capture the details in the brightest bits) you will then have very dark shadows which will print or display as black or near enough unless lightened. High shadow DR means there is enough information encoded in those shadows that when you lighten them in post they will reveal more detail than noise.

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