I got my Q today.

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Re: Yeah I can believe it...

I don't think Pentax is considering getting rid of the Q. They must have known it would be a niche product- at least in the begining. It must sell as well as some of the Ricoh cameras. I have never seen a Ricoh digital camera. They have announced new lenses and accessories for the Q.

The Q is picking up steam. In my local camera club 3 others have one ( about 75 members total). Two photographers are also using them at weddings for candids during receptions ( it works very well for this).

Look at how many 3rd party accessories are on offer. There are leather cases, lens shades, leather body panels, and adapters for every lens imaginable. Every day there are new accessories for the Q. Someone must be buying the stuff ( besides me).

The Q is the first camera in ages that Pentax managed to get in front of the curve. It looks to be 1-2 years ahead of every thing else and of buyers. This means Pentax doesn't have to refresh the Q constantly. This saves them money.

The intense hate the Q was hit with at launch was amazing. A lesser camera would have folded. Even certain websites blast it that shouldn't. The Q is a mulidimensional camera that takes time for photographers to figure out. Thanks to Pentax Ricoh for having the guts to bring it out and for continued support.

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