D4 v EOS-1D X

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Re: D4 v EOS-1D X

Fearless_Photog wrote:

tabloid wrote:

We are professional photographers, therefore have NO loyalty to any brand...as long as the 'camera-corder' does its job.

Agreed in the sense that I don't think of any brand like a sports team and root for them to "win" while hoping the others fail.

However, I do have an investment in a system, to the point where either the brand I'm already using would really have to drop the ball, either by going out of business, or releasing totally noncompetitive products, or maybe going in a direction that just didn't fit my needs at all. Or another brand would have to offer something that I felt I absolutely couldn't do without, in order for me to really consider switching systems.

For that reason, I don't really spend much time trying to figure out whether a certain Canon body might fit my needs better than the latest Nikon body. Those kinds of comparisons seem to make the most sense for either people invested in both systems, with equivalent lenses for each, or people not heavily invested in either. For me it's more a matter of how much more the latest Nikon body will offer over what I already have.

I already switched systems once, from Canon to Nikon, actually before the release of the D3, and since then Nikon has just been getting better and better, so I have no regrets.

Although the EOS-1D X is not for us, it will be tough act to follow for other brands.
In my opinion both cameras are excellent products.

I hope the 1D X is every bit as good as it's on paper specs indicate. Strong competition results in the best products.


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