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Re: alternative to ND filter

bob elkind wrote:

JMacedo wrote:

I'm learning a lot and today I'm going to buy a ND filter to see if I can make the water look softer.

Here's a workaround:

  • Mounted on a tripod, take several shots (for example, 8 shots, same exposure).

  • Layer and blend the shots in photoshop (e.g. 12% opacity for all but the bottom layer)

  • This gives you the same effect as a 3-stop ND filter (8x exposure time)

  • If you've exposed for the setting sun and sky, then mask out the sky portion of all layers except one.

This same technique works well when you want shallow DOF, but long exposure (e.g. for blurring streams) at the same time.

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Nice tip, thanks!!

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