Lens choice for Trip to Italy

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Re: Lens choice for Trip to Italy

I've been to Italy many times & I have settled on 3 lenses with my 1D4.

1 A mount modified EF-s 10-22(mechanically limited to 12-22) (FF equivalent of 15-29) for about 90% of photos.

2 A mount modified FD 50mm f1.2L (all manual everything) for superb low light use when you can get something to stabilise the rig on (usually possible). It's tiny compared to the EF equivalent lens.

3 An EF 80-200 f2.8L (magic drainpipe) (big advantage is that it's black, not white).

This isn't the lightest kit (particularly the 80-200) but the 10-22 is incredibly light & sort of compensates.

A bit off topic but last trip to Italy was invited to photograph a wedding in Florence. Accepted in a heartbeat. For that trip needed extra gear. Took extra 1D4 + 1D3 + 3 Metz flashes, + mount modified FD85mm f1.2L for the portraits, tripods, monopod + PWs.

I've never seen or heard directly of any mal-practise of stealing gear there.
Ross Becker
New Zealand

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