Dpreview's Challenge - Silkypix With X-Pro 1 RAW

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Re: Dpreview's Challenge - Silkypix With X-Pro 1 RAW

That's not what I meant.

The camera ought to be able to save the images as TIFF files - these can be imported into pretty much any processing program - LR, Aperture etc - of the user's choice and contain more or less the same info as a RAW file (especially in 16 bit) in a somewhat larger file container.

Whilst it would mean less files per memory card, it would at least allow much more processing latitude in the user's choice of software instead of forcing them to instal bloatware on their computer that they neither need nor want.

Trevor G wrote:

MPA1 wrote:

Whilst I do not like SP - the bundled version has a UI that looks right at home in about 1992 - I am sure it works.

This doesn't look much like 1992 to me. All the extra tool items are fully floating and/or dockable. The histogram can be any size you like, and unlike many adobe items, you simply work from top to bottom in the left side toolbox.

I would have said a simple GUI, thoughtfully laid out. And it does work, and well.

At the very least, there should be a TIFF option on the XP1.

There's a TIFF option in Silkypix...

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Trevor G

Silkypix tutorials at: http://photo.computerwyse.com

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