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amalric wrote:

B - TechRadar's, DR comparisons between the E-P3 and E-M5, and Sony NEX and Fuji X Pro 1

5 EV difference in dynamic range at ISO 3200 between E-P3 and E-M5.

C. The E-M5 comparometer at DPR, comparing the files above at 200 and 3200 ISO.

1-2 EV difference in dynamic range at ISO 3200 between E-P3 and E-M5.

They all give the same or equivalent results. They are all by reputable sources, using tested methods. And they verify each other

I come to different conclusions after looking at the two aforementioned tests. Furthermore I compared the E-P3 vs. NEX-7 vs. GX1 at ISO 3200 on both the DPR comparometer and the DxOmark.

Both suggest close performance of the NEX-7 vs. GX1 and roughly 1 EV worse performance for the E-P3. On DPR the E-M5 shows roughly 1 stop better performance than N7/GX1 and thus roughly 2 EV better performance than the E-P3. Nowhere even near the 5 EV shown on the TR graph, which at least is something to take note of.

Incidentally the Optycne.pl (Lenstip) review measured a difference of about 1.3 EV between the EM-5 and E-P3 at ISO 3200 (as far as I understood the graphs).

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