Tamrac Velocity 6x or 7x?

Started Apr 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
M. Mitchell Regular Member • Posts: 313
Re: Tamrac Velocity 6x or 7x?

If you want a kit that is easy to carry around, I believe you are taking too much equipment. I viisit Europe frequently. When I first started to travel there, I carried about the same amount of equipment you intend to carry. But I soon realized it was unnecessary. Why carry cables and a charger? Leave them in your hotel room . I found that I rarely used my telephoto zoom. So rarely in fact, that I eliminated it from my gadget bag. Since I did not change lenses, the only cleaning equipment I needed to carry was a small cleaning cloth. Now unencumbered by heavy equipment, I find I am able to see more of europe without wasting time changing lenses and exhausting myself with heavy equipment. All I carry is my Rebel camera with the kit lens, an extra battery and an extra card.

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