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Re: if only one lens then 24-105

im not gonna knock on the 24-105,

but in my opinion breaking the bank for a 5D3 so that you can just have one F4 lens is a big waste. Especially since he wants to do weddings.

He's better off keeping his T3i or upgrading to a 60D and getting and buying a 17-55 2.8 IS , 30 1.4 prime and 85 1.8.

This is a much better combo than a 5D3 with a lone 24-105 F4, in terms of DOF control and low light ability.

now if you add a 50 1.4 prime to that 5D3 + 24-105 combo - then its a whole different story

John Mason wrote:

The f4 is just not a big problem with the ISO range on the 5d3.

There is some light fall off wide open on the wide angle side. There is also distortion on the wide angle end. But both clean up easily with the free raw software DPP from Canon with their new lens tuning tool.

The IS gives you a stable platform as well.

So if one lens that'd be it if I was in your shoes. And take the discount by getting it with the kit.

On the other hand, if money is an issue and you want a prime, the 50 1.4 is a great little value. Still the kit price for the 24-105 makes it quite attractive.
John Mason - Lafayette, IN


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