Blown away with D700... considering cancelling D800

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Re: This bullseye works....

I think the jaguar shot is a good example where the rule of thirds should be broken - it's walking dead centre at the camera through some symmetrical grass either side, great shot. Shame about it being shot through glass though, but some pp would fix this 'dullness'. I also think he's used the rule of thirds more than people are giving him credit for, a few of the shots have the eyes of the animals at the third, either vertically, horizontally or both!

I've pre-ordered a d800 as I can afford to, but I don't need it. I know this annoys people, but why should it? You might argue more money than sense perhaps, but in three years time, it may sell for about 500 less than new price (based on current d700 eBay market and orig rrp), and a depreciation of roughly £167 per year is nothing for a hobby I spend hours and hours doing. Even my wife gets involved! I say buy what you can afford, within your means, and enjoy taking photos. Who knows, one day someone might want to buy your photos so it could even turn into a solid investment, just don't call yourself a wedding photographer because you'll get eaten alive on this forum (FYI I'm not a wedding photographer, just a gear junkie).

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