Is the 5D III the best camera for novices?

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Re: Your presupposing what novices want

Teila Day wrote:

Kabe Luna wrote:

The best camera is the one you have with you. I recommend cameras for novices all the time, and they don't care about ISOs and multi-point AF and framing rates. They want better image quality than their point-and-shoots, no loss of convenience, lately greater control over DOF (mostly for portraits with a cheap 50/1.8) and the ability to easily use manual controls IF they decide they want to "play around with that some day." Novices are far more likely to carry an entry-level DSLR and kit or super zoom than a 5DIII and lenses and flash necessary to give the same functionality.

Interesting logic.

...a lot of people "don't care" about iso performance because they haven't owned a camera that could make a difference to their photography if they did care. Likewise, many enthusiasts never do a custom white balance because they feel Auto White Balance does a great job... until they use a color checker card and or custom white balance/grey card. You seem to be advocating "ignorance is bliss", when in fact, many novice photographers want more than what a point-and-shoot or Rebel can give.

Not at all. I'm not advocating anything. I'm saying that 70% of the novices I know are satisfied with good enough. Good enough white balance. Good enough ISO. And the point of reference is typically the point-and-shoot they are upgrading from.

A novice photographer today isn't necessarily a novice photographer 6-12 months from now. Before you presuppose what a novice photographer wants, I recommend asking about their ultimate photographic goals to better ensure that you're actually helping the person in the long run.

Of course anyone giving advice should know the goals of the buyer beforehand. Most DSLR novices seeking my advice simply want better automation in the smallest and most convenient package to help them get better results than their compact camera. It's pointless to advocated a deeper level of involvement to them because although I see the value of more knowledge and involvement in the photographic process, they do not.

For the minority who do see themselves more deeply involved down the road, it's a entirely different conversation.

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