5D MK III coming soon - what to do first?

Started Apr 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
ArabiaSandStorm Regular Member • Posts: 128
Re: 5D MK III coming soon - what to do first?

I would say check for stuck/dead pixels which won't go away with the manual sensor cleaning. Then record a video facing dark and light objects/wall (or dark scene) to see if there are any stuck pixels.

The camera & DPP/lightroon can easily hide/compensate for stuck pixels. But video is another story. I had one in my 5DMII and it drove me crazy. Even if you are not into video, re-sale price will be severely impacted due to this.

If you have stuck pixel(s) in video, don't listen to people who tell you it is normal. You paid a fortune on it JUST RETURN IT!

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