5dmk2 vs 7d with Canon 400mm f5.6

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Re: 5dmk2 vs 7d with Canon 400mm f5.6

I use the 60D 7D and the 5D2. I actually prefer the 60D to the 7D. I have a lot less problems focusing for some reason and I like the light weight with the 400 5.6. If I can get close enough the 5D2 is the best option.

In any event I shoot with a pal - he uses the 5D2 with a 300 2.8 and I use the 7D or more likely the 60D with the 400 5.6. ( In resolution I can't tell the difference between the &D and the 60D.)

We both get pretty good shots. In low light he kills me. He can also pick up birds in flight easier. Otherwise in good light I think my rig is as good as his. Mine cost a fraction of his rig also. Occassionally we swap about. The weight of his rig really tells after an hour or so.

If I were travelling I would take the 400 5.6 because of size and weight. All in all I think this is a really underated lens.

But I would always go for the 5D2 over the 60D or the 7D. By the way I the 7D is going to be sold.
Have a look at couple of shots taken with it on the 60D.

http://stevekeeling.smugmug.com/Nature/Canon-400mm-56-Birds/21331962_kmvCMF# !i=1786201655&k=B5BRLsr

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