HORRIBLE Customer Service at Panasonic, They are going to lose me as a customer

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HORRIBLE Customer Service at Panasonic, They are going to lose me as a customer

I didn't want to go public with this, but I am seriously upset.

I owned a Panasonic G1 (just sold it, great camera) and I currently own a G2 (another great camera).

On April 8th, I tried to order a GH2 + 14-42 kit lens through Panasonic's "Fans-only Deals" on their Facebook page. The price was $649.96 + shipping + tax, or $691.07 in my case. I clicked on the PayPal button, signed on to PayPal, then got kicked back to the Panasonic web page to complete the order. When I hit the "confirm" button, I got a database error from the Panasonic server. The top of the page said "error" and was followed by many lines of error code gobbledygook.

Before trying to pay for the order again, I checked my PayPal account. Panasonic had put a hold for $691.07 on my PayPal account.

I checked my email--no order confirmation.

I called Panasonic, who confirmed the hold and confirmed that there was no order. I was told not to worry, that the hold would drop off after a maximum of 72 hours.

When the hold didn't drop off by Thursday, I called again, explained my issue, and was told that sales should handle my problem. I was connected with sales, and they told me there was nothing they could do.

On Friday I tried Panasonic chat, explained my problem again, and told them that I wanted a phone number, this time of somebody who was not in sales. The person told me that he could only give me the phone number of sales. I explained that they were only going to tell me that there was nothing that they could do. The chatter reiterated that he could only give me the number of somebody in sales to talk to. I agreed to talk to sales again, and once again they told me that there was nothing they could do.

I was a little more persistent this time, and the woman told me that the only success she had seen with people getting rid of holds like this was for the customer to call PayPal, and with the customer and PayPal on the line at the same time, for PayPal to contact Panasonic. I pointed out that the error was on Panasonic's side, and the likely reason for such a policy was that they didn't want to pay somebody like her $10/hr. to straighten it out, when they could get me to do it for free. She said, "We can't straighten it out." Of course, that was a lie. It was their corporate policy not to straighten it out, and thus force the customer to take action, not an inability on their part to participate in their own financial transactions.

So I did call PayPal, twice, and explained to them what I was just told by the woman in Panasonic sales. The first time PayPal dropped the connection after I was on hold for twenty minutes. The second time, after again being put on hold for a long time, I was promised that the hold would be taken off more or less immediately. This was last Friday afternoon. I just checked, and the hold is still there.

So Panasonic has had $691.07 of my money tied up and unavailable to me for more than a week, because of their error, and they refuse to fix it. I have tried to be a good soldier, and made 5 phone calls, wasted a couple of hours of my life, and gotten absolutely nowhere with them. And when will it end? Obviously the 72 hour thing was complete fiction. What kind of a trigger will there need to be for Panasonic to take the hold of my PayPal account, if they ever do?

This is total crap and it has seriously affected my image of the company. I'm thinking now, "What will happen if I do order the camera, and there is a problem?" I have pretty much zero confidence in Panasonic customer service right now.

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