Advice on 80-200 f2.8 lenses

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Re: Advice on 80-200 f2.8 lenses

I owned the push-pull for about 8 years and I've owned the current version for 4 years.

I, too, have read that AF speed is faster on the current model, but I cannot tell the difference. I am not convinced the new one has faster AF. But my opinion is solely based on memory. I've never owned both lenses at the same time, so I never compared them side-by-side.

Both lenses, however, are fast enough to track fast- moving athletes. And if a lens is that fast, who cares if the newer model is a little faster.

Optics seemed identical to me.

I've never had a problem with dust on either. Some dust accumulation inside the lens is "normal" IMO, and also pretty much unavoidable if you use the lens at all. And that's the whole point of owning a lens, right? To use it?

Tripod mount: This is probably the main difference between the two. A company called Kirk made a tripod bracket thingy for the older model, though. Looks a little clunky. I've found you can still use a tripod w/ the older model. I used to mount my heavy-duty Nikon F4s 35mm SLR on a tripod, then let the heavy 80-200 hang off it. It worked; I never had any problems, and the camera mount was never bent. So go for it. Now if you have a plastic Nikon, I suppose you might damage the mount ... I don't really know. Should be fine with a D200/D300/D1/D2/D3/D4/D700 and all the metal cameras.

The older model is superior for manual focus, since you have a single ring for zoom and focus. Manual focus is more annoying on the new model, since I have to constantly move my hand back and forth.

My advice: don't fret about owning the older model. It's a great lens and not really that much different from the new one.

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