I was yelled at for not using "L" glass.

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The world is full of morons.

I was travelling in a poor part of the world a while back so chose to take P&S cameras (SX30 & G12) instead of the DSLR gear.

On one tour we had a very loud person with a mid-range Nikon setup who would take any opportunity to chastise anyone with 'inferior' gear - I just ignored him for the most part.

Later he was going around to all the 'real' photographers with DSLR cameras complaining that every time he went to take a shot the flash popped up, and wanting to know how to fix it. Most of them had Canon or other brands so couldn't/wouldn't help him.

Finally I got so sick of it I walked over to him mid complaint, reached over and turned the mode dial from Auto to P and walked off.

He shut up after that

Your obnoxious idiot probably got home to a memory card full of out-of-focus, badly exposed pictures.


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